ROR Showcase

Great Day at Hartpury Equine Events Yesterday for the Retraining of Racehorses Showcase – The Emmet’s Definightly formerly trained by Roger Carlton & Word Of Warning formerly trained by PhilKirby racing both thoroughly enjoyed their Demos – Definightly in the Long Lining Demonstrating the Fantastic Pro Core Training Aid from Thermatex with Kath Pinnington & Word Of Warning in The Painted Horse.

Fab to work alongside some of our awesome sponsors too – Harry Dabbs Saddle Makers, Thermatex Horse Rugs and Accessories KBF99Bombers Blue Bits UK Philip Kirby Racing

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Sponsors – Saracens

Fantastic to See that Our Awesome Sponsors Saracen Horse Feeds are sponsoring the Shetland Pony Grand National at Olympia this Year 👌😍🐴

UK based horse feed manufacturer with a full range of high quality equine diets for all types of horses, from the performance, to the leisure horse. Saracen Horse Feeds are the sole UK partner for Kentucky Equine Research.

ROR Showcase

Really Looking Forward to Attending the Retraining of RacehorsesShowcase at Hartpury Equine Events next Weekend with 2 of Our Horses taking Part in Demos.

Great to have Our Fabulous Sponsors Bombers Blue Bits UK Bombers Equestrian Equipment in Support and Offering Advice and the Opportunity to Purchase their Fantastic Products Too!!

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Great start to the day

Great Day In the Office with a Win at BD for the Emmet’s Definightly, Formerly Trained by Roger Charlton with Winnings of £175000+ – Well Worth the Early Alarm – Our First Trip to Hunters Equestrian but first of many I’m sure – such a well run, friendly & easily accessible, welcoming venue.

Not sure who was happiest to be back out competing – Definightly or Clare!!! 👌🏇🏆

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