Production and Competition Livery

There are 3 variations of Production and Competition Livery


Owner and Supporter

You can enjoy watching Team Clare Poole produce and compete your horses on your behalf.  Producing your horse from our yard ensures that they are treated as an individual and a bespoke tailor-made training program can be adopted, we have the knowledge and expertise to select the right shows and venues for each horse achieving the top results in its performance.


Owner with Own Horse

Training with Team Clare Poole and competing from our yard is a popular option for amateur show competitors and their own horse.  We can ensure you are taught to get the best out of your horse and your approach to the show ring to achieve maximum results.


Owner Sourcing New Horse

We are often asked by owner-riders to find them a new potential top horse for the ring.  It is a really enjoyable and rewarding part of what we do, building a relationship with the owner and providing them with all the training they need from our fabulous yard as they strive to make it to the very top.


What’s Included?

Production and Competition Livery includes full livery with daily turnout, hay/haylage and Saracens feed – any alternative feed and/or supplements will need to be provided by the owner or charged for.  Weekly fee includes work 5 times per week up to a maximum of 45 mins per day (with the exception of training clinics, shows, etc)

Production and Competition Livery includes all show preparation including, but not limited to bathing, trimming, plaiting, grooming, show riding etc.  Entry fees/venue hire and mileage costs are chargeable to the owner.

Additional fees include, but are not limited to; veterinary care, farrier, dentist, chiropractor, medicinal costs etc.

Head collar, rugs and tack must be provided by owner and any damages caused ( to stables, fencing, rugs, tack, other horses etc) are owners responsibility and will be charged accordingly.

** If the owner does not have suitable tack it may be agreed for us to use our own tack in the interim.