Mentoring Programme

Team Clare Poole now has spaces for rider and horse mentoring available. This is a fantastic opportunity to train online with a leading trainer. The programme is not limited to racehorses as Clare has extensive experience with many different types of horses and disciplines.


The Programme


Rider to complete a questionnaire about their aims and uploads a video to YouTube of the current work they and their horse is producing.


Clare will review this information and the video to produce a tailor-made written training plan supported by instructional videos.


Rider to follow the plan for 1 month and then upload a new video for Clare to review.


Clare will review the progress and respond with further suggested improvements, along with ‘judge-type’ feedback.


Mentoring Programmes Available

Please contact us for further details on the programmes available. We currently offer the following mentoring packages.

  • Mentor 1 – Once through the above programme
  • Mentor 3 – 3 times through the above programme
  • Mentor 6 – 6 times through the above programme
  • Mentor 12 – 12 times through the above programme


Other programmes can be tailor-made (subject to availability) to include:

  • Lessons at the rider’s site
  • Lessons at Team Clare Poole
  • Show support
  • Longer term mentoring programmes
  • Other additions available – please let us know what you would like



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